CAD Construction

CAD data are the foundation of our digital development. For our fluid or strength-related component optimization we prefer to use your CAD data or to produce these in cooperation with you. CAE-related components from a single source enable us to deliver an optimized component or module that  you can feed into your CAD-system.

Additional services we provide include:

  • Geometry simplification (Defeaturing) of complex geometries and flow volume extraction as preparation for further CAE-applications
  • 3D-direct modeling makes geometric changes independent from the CAD-format or CAD-program used
  • Automated creation of models for statistical design of experiments (DoE) via diverse parameters and their value ranges.
  • Parameterization of models for faster creation of different geometry variations.
  • Reverse engineering of scan data (also polygon data, e.g. STL-data from computer tomography) for simulation purposes or for further applications in 3D-printers.

Currently we work with the innovative CAD-systems Siemens NX and SpaceClaim.